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H. A/N: I used Romanian for Pietro’s language. Sorry if it’s not so great, I didn’t have anyone who could edit for me today. Pairing: The Avengers x Reader Featuring: Pepper Pots Word count: 1178 words Warnings: none Tags: none. We thrive on your submissions - which can be your fanfics, thoughts and prompts. Word Count: 835 Leia and Han: Peter Parker x Male!Reader Peter Parker x Male!Reader Request: hi, can i have a male!reader imagine with peter?? it would mean the world to me!! like maybe a new student at midtown and (Loki x Reader) You Punishment - Loki was being led to the throne of Asgard, smiling, not caring what was happening. Two fluorescent, red eyes gazed at you from a distance. 2 loki x sister!reader thor x reader thor x you Marvel MCU marvel imagine x A Curious Place — Kidnapped (Loki X Reader) 1. According to Crypton, a popular video with a comically-altered Miku holding a spring/Welsh onion, singing "Levan Polkka". Word Count:947 Warning:nah A/N: enjoy anon!!! Originally posted by thorodinson. ) You were Bella’s older sister who had an internship opportunity at Fork’s hospital when she came to live with Temple. Mortal Plaything: My first fanfic. 6K Reads 1. Luv4ever2121 By Luv4ever2121 Ongoing - Updated www. No IW spoilers!! Pairing: Thor Odison x Reader (crush). You were exhausted from work and the trek to and from your job, and it took every ounce of willpower you had not to collapse on the floor right Manipulation of Memories and Minds // (Loki x Reader) Seeryvi Fanfiction Fantasy Mystery 8 days ago Freeing the leader of an army of aliens from a severe case of mind control certainly wasn’t on your to-do list, but alas, it was precisely what happened. Thor gets close to you, but only under his brothers supervision, forcing Loki to make you his. A/N: i made a slight edit and made it so the reader used to work for hydra and doesnt anymore but I hope this is what you were looking for! Vv sorry it took so long! Also its a bit more soulmate au than mutant!reader so i apologize for that. Pairing: Thor x Reader. Pairing: Castiel x reader. yoi, boyslove, otayuri. One because your mom was worried about you and, second, he yoi, boyslove, otayuri. Peter Parker x Stark!Reader (Soulmate AU)Requested by: @mega-trash-cringe This is my first Soulmate AU I’ve done so I was a bit wary but I really hope you enjoy it. In front of reader - who he has basically fallen in love with - where maybe he falls on his face, gets smacked in said face, or anything really. My Pages. ” you heard someone call. Warnings: SMUT, restraints, unprotected sex (PLS BE SAFE) Word Count: 2. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. A/N: I wrote this some time ago. com. " Loki scoffed, "That was due to his own incompetence; and I would remind you that it was accomplished without the assistance of any members of HYDRA. For Anonymous: “i’m happy with thor x asgardian reader fluff :D” And the original ask was hoping for a/b/o nesting, but I don’t really write a/b/o dynamic so instead I wrote a sort of prequel to The Garden, which is super cute and I love re-reading it often. Alpha/Omega smut. Loki x Reader (platonic). Warning: smut, NSFW, slightly dominant reader, then Loki, oral Loki x Reader: Favorites. That’s really all my Castiel fics ever turn into . Word Count: 4. pairing: Thor x male!reader. I just wanna get some. Natasha x Reader. E. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. "Thor was captured successfully. 7K. It’s just a spider . I. Thor scooped her up into his giant arms and laid her down on the bed between you two. request: Hi hi~ Would you mind writing something about thor realising he’s fallen for male reader? warnings: swearing. words: 2. . Keister) with 27,804 reads. Word Count: 1,840. Avengers Imagines. 1K Votes 14 Part Story. As a member new member of Interpol it was my job to search out possible threats and since the fall of S. Thor X Reader: Self Conscious Masterlist Request Submit Become A Member Prompt: Reader-chan is self-conscious about dating a God. Archiveofourown. Peter Parker x Male! Reader. You quickly grabbed a bowl catching the poison so it wouldn’t fall onto Loki’s body. Pronouns: He/Him Prompt: Reader is walking home from work and a certain web slinger, drops on by (Spider-Man kiss w/ male reader) Requested - Tyler Lockwood x Reader Request: Anonymous - Heya :) could you please do a Tyler Lockwood x reader where Tyler and the reader grew up together as close friends, but now he is always teasing or harsh with the reader because he is jealous because she is also close friends with Jeremy and Tyler thinks they like each other. I just used google translate, so sorry if it’s weird. You had been with S. Overstimulation . See what Evelyn Thor (evelyn_thor) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. Nov 3, 2013. the reader is also a part of the avengers team, not with specified powers/strength. But you never knew Loki would react like that. He set them down on your table and walked away without saying anything. =)I've got an account on quzilla, which won't be used, save quizes, I will still check it, because, of course, I go there for quizes, and by all means, if you have something to say, email or pm it to me! Chris Hemsworth Frustration A place for fans, by fan, to share their frustrations of any kind. Summary: You take a liking on your father’s new guest and decide to play with him a little. But even though the sound of leather and metal falling to the floor has ceased, you can still hear his steady, measured breathing. My Words; Curious? Blog Tools. Rivals (revised) Loki x reader lemon. D. Thor. Sargent Barnes (Bucky x Reader) You were glad now that you were at the bar that you'd agreed to come out with your friends. Your father, your grandfather, everyone had been with S. org (AFF, the site), its owners, agents, and any other entities related to Adult-FanFiction. This is Infinity War spoiler free. AN: This is my first loki imagine so I hope you guys like it :) you can read part two , part three and part four here. Midsummer Queen - Thor x Reader. Words: 1669 Warning: Angst, slight nakedness, scars,lot of love damn it Fandom: Loki. Cross your fingers and hope for the best. Family Emergency (Loki X Pregnant!Reader) Summary : Unbeknownst to the Avengers, excluding Thor, Loki had a lover – a very pregnant lover. S. Thanks. _____ He wants to tell you to knock it off. They promised each other they would only meet in front of the team if it was an emergency, so when (Y/N) shows up in tears, Loki knows something is terribly wrong. Pairing: Peter Parker x POC Reader (College AU) Warning: Fluff, mild thigh riding and dry humping, alcohol mentions, Me screaming in the background as I watch his performance again and again The Game (Lemon) Tony Stark (Iron Man) You’re the Reason; Playlist; Jealousy; Loki. He was walking through the city streets with his brother Thor, helping him with a mission on earth. @audreythetealovingcat, There was indeed a few request for the batboys, but surprisingly enough, Thor was also up there…So here, I’m giving you some Thor dude, hope you guys’ll like it (mehmehmeh) : Summary: Reader is in an established relationship with Thor, and he decides to finally take her to Asgard Omega Reader plans to ride it out alone, locked in her room away from any unwanted Alphas. Read Thor Odinson x reader from the story Avenger*Marvel/DC*Mass Effect (Lemons) by AllexusKeister (Allexus M. Warninngs: None! Y/n and Loki had been together for a while now, it wasn’t a pairing anyone had expected, and yet somehow it worked. That night you, Loki, Thor, and their new friend Valkyrie celebrated in Thor’s private lounge on the ship. ” AN: Coulson’s alive and a part of this. The labs you were in wasn’t really a lab anymore. Pairing: Loki x fem!Reader, also Grandmaster’s daughter!Reader bc yes. WARNINGS: single parent, cursing, slight!Steve x Reader, slight!Sharon x Steve, goofy/protective af Tony. Captured and in chains, he walked arrogantly followed by several guards. PAIRING: Loki Laufeyson X Reader WORDCOUNT: 3,238 WARNINGS: Cussing, violence & PDA REQUEST: Imagine Loki hearing you let out a held back sob and instantly turn to you in concern. Thor’s Christmas Cookie (Thor x Reader A/B/O) Seven Minutes In Valhalla (Thor x Reader, Dubcon, drabble) Thor Meetings You Parents (SFW, Drabble) Are You Worthy? (Thor x Reader) Lightning Strikes (Breeding) Thor’s Kitten . HelpWire is the ultimate one-stop shop for people of all expertise levels looking for help on all kind of topics -- tech, shopping and more. Luci Arancioni (Orange Lights)- Narnacia x Reader (Y/N) and Trish goes on a shopping spree, Narancia is dragged along, and (Y/N) gets an idea when she finds a certain top. Originally posted by marauderspads. wattpad. A/N: Well, this is before Dark World because Frigga is still alive. 2. 7 notes. “ Hey, Y/n. Listen To: Don’t Be a Fool by Shawn Mendes All help you need! Thor X Reader Fanfiction! All in one place! helpwire. The Avengers the avengers x reader captain america spider-man iron man bucky barnes black widow quicksilver scarlet witch hawkeye bucky likes chess tony refuses to mind his business 92 notes Aug 27th, 2017 Nov 18, 2018 · Part Four: Minutes (Reader x Bruce Banner/The Hulk). Originally posted by lokitty. Request - can i get a loki x reader request in which reader gets to asgard as a royal gets & falls in love with loki? Then she discovers that she’s promised to marry thor and has to tell loki, lots of anger and jealously? In the end they either run away or confront the king, wtv you want. You walked into the Avengers facility. “It’s very late. . Bucky X Reader. Return of a King (Part I of IV) Return of a King (Part II of IV) Return of a King (Part III of IV) Return of a King (Part IV of IV) A Long Time Coming (Part I of III) (Lemon) Bruce Banner (Hulk) Heartbreak (Part I of II) Heartbreak (Part II of II) Thor Dec 11, 2018 · This feature is not available right now. Yandere!Steve Rogers X Reader Warning: Some NSFW, Dark Themes •When you first met him, you would have never imagined how things would turn out •He was such a gentleman, surely not capable of hurting anyone without justification •You were wrong •Unless you take his ideas of justification into account •"I had to, Doll. Word Count - 2K “Why do we need more fucking omegas?” Bucky growled, devouring his breakfast as he sat on the table of Alpha’s. Pairing: Loki x reader x Thor Request: Prompt 38 - with Loki and Thor ?(from anon) and. “Five. Thor was in love and he was scared. Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader. Spying on you . Often almost got caught by the cops because of the illegal street driver, but when the job was done, it paid the bills. the idea is that they somehow end up getting stuck on an abandoned planet. You and Valkyrie were as different as two ladies could be. Oct 12, 2014 · #thor #thor odinson #thor of asgard #thor the dark world #the avengers #smut #gentle giant #kissing #tony #tony stark #stark towers #chris hemsworth #robert downey jr #thorxreader #thor x reader #one shot #one shots #requested #request #anon #sex #warning #agent of shield #s. Now your scholarship was over and Aug 24, 2017 · Fandom: Avengers ex reader Warning: None? Pairing: Avengers x reader Summary: The clock on you wrist stops when you find your soulmate. Pairing: Thor x Reader Summary: You were a few weeks pregnant with Thor’s child, you hadn’t had the courage to inform Thor of your state you were sort of scared of how he would react. I’m looking for Carlisle Cullen x Reader Vol. All Chained Up (Loki x reader) Jealous Speedster (Pietro x reader) Jealous of an Unworthy Man (Thor x reader) X-Men. Loki x Reader. Please tag me if anyone writes this I am thirsty af for Thor! Originally posted by thingsxcv Thor, Tony and Clint peered in, with Loki, Bruce and Steve moving to get a better view from the background. Clint I’m Yours. It poses a problem, considering she needs to tell Chris the great news but wants to in person. A/N : Actual ‘request’ for my sister because she loves Loki… I’ve been personally traumatized by Hiddleston in ‘The Night Manager’ so I have a bit of trouble writing Loki fics for myself. warnings; curses. The duties of running a kingdom had rather taken over his life and you rarely saw each other during the day, except at mealtimes and during the customary time allotted to hearing the disputes of his people. when thor finds out, both of them just end up Loki x reader lemon Loki x reader lemon. You had lighted a couple of candles and placed them on the edge of the bathtub, poured yourself a glass of champagne and now relaxed in the middle of slowly vanishing bubbles sparkling on the surface of the water. Summary: Reader is Pepper’s niece and she goes to the tower to meet the Avengers. “You were surrounded by agents! Pairing: Loki x Reader, Thor x Reader Summary: The war between Asgard and Vanaheim had not plagued the realms for many years. also y’all need to appreciate my baby Charles more. “Lady Y/N and Lady Y/D/N,” Thor smiled. cities see more protests, violent unrest over George Floyd's death | CBC News Live updates: Another night of fire and fury as protests rage across America A revival stalled: coronavirus in America’s rust-belt Trump's presidency is sinking into crisis — but he may still be re-elected U. Summary: The one where you and Thor finally get a break. 5M ratings thor odinson thor odinson x reader thor avenger avengers marvel mcu thor odinson imagine. com This is a dom crush x fem reader Request from~ AmirahGrospe *awkward finger Male Yandere x Reader LEMON, a yandere fanfic FanFiction Shoto Todoroki x (Dabi x fem!reader) Making dirty words sound pretty (Dabi x fem!reader) First (It's our proper business site of properness. ” Word Count: 556. Princess Avengers, Assemble! Hands off of her Stark. Summary Request: can you do a Dominant natasha x fem reader smut? were natasha gets jealous if that’s fine? Aug 22, 2013 · Loki X Reader (Chapter 82) [Loki’s punishment] Loki was bound to a rock by chains, a serpent hanging above him dripping it’s poison onto Loki’s dead body. You were a SHIELD agent like Nat and Clint when you met Thor for the first time in Puente Antiguo, New Mexico in 2011. Kinks. Request here Oh, Baby (Bucky x reader) Word count: 1300 “I was protecting you!” You shouted at Bucky, who was currently pacing the space of the jet. Was chasing “Weapon X” and anything related. D the number has increased ten fold. Alternative Universe, Collection, Death-Fic, Drabble, Ficlet, Lemon, One Shot, PWP, Reader Insert Hey guys, Kat here~! Been reading Avengers x reader stuff and I just love the cutie Bruce!! But sadly there is not a lot of smut with him, soooo here I am to please you guys! ;3 Hope you like it! Jul 07, 2017 · How DARE You? - (Loki x Reader, Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader) iunderstoodthatreferenceimagines: “ Pairing/Characters: Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader, Loki x Reader A Husky Lemon -- Testing The Waters A Senri Lemon -- Control The Avengers / Marvel A Bruce Banner Lemon -- Halcyon A Bucky Barnes Lemon -- Out With The Old A Bucky Barnes Lemon -- Red Burlesque A Bucky Barnes Lemon -- Sleepless People A Clint Barton Lemon -- Ad Infinitum A Loki Lemon -- Infinity Is Here A Pietro Maximoff Lemon -- Love, The Fall Summary: Reader is the wife of Chris Hemsworth and has been for 2 years. “Come inside,” Thor said before picking up your daughter. You should be sleeping,” he murmured, but there was a pleased note in his tone that told you he was glad you were not. As Thanos is  Me: *reading story and doesn't realize that Loki and Thor are behind me (I'm on a computer not a laptop or tablet)* wow wonder what Loki's like in bed now. ” Just then, Jesse came walking back to your table with two mugs and a pot of coffee. Thor told her. Warning: Sexual Themes ~~~~~ It was the best day of your life. 100 notes. Nov 19, 2018 · Captain America x Reader Too Old For This //DDLG WARNING// Thor x Reader - Duration: 5:31. warning(s): ooc??? this is crap and my first marvel reader insert, don’t hate me aaaaa word count: 694 reader info: the reader will go by he/him/his pronouns. You turned your s The fire in Thor’s eyes began to dissipate, and he pulled away from you. Type: Series (A/B/O Dynamics) Warnings: Just Thor being himself really. Masterlist! Recruit!Reader (Reader x Various) (Season 1)“After the events of Age of Ultron, before Civil War. Request: Young Remus Lupin x reader where the marauders and Remus are in the forest when they meet another werewolf, a girl? About the author. Words: 262. If there was one mission in your life, it would be to get rid of that stupid hammer of Thor’s. WORD COUNT : 1440. Pairing: Thor Odinson x Reader. Although this was the God of Thunder himself and when it came down to fear he was scared of nothing, he was still scared shitless of love. Silently, you sat in the comfortable confines of your fenced backyard, with a homemade quilt draped around your shoulders as you observed the sky change from One fateful day, when fleeing a group of bullies, he runs into the rumored 'monster' in the woods - a hunter by the name of Thor, dirty and intimidating. This is all your fault! Someone get her out of here. Pain Fades [Wade Wilson x Reader] Requested by anon: “Could you do a soulmate au with deadpool where you feel your soulmates pain and they meet after he gets cancer and has the healing ability and he meets her and apologizes about all the pain” A/N: Hope you love this anon! I tried to get some humor in there lol. 44. Bruce x Reader. However, when the crown princess of the latter is thrown into an Asgardian prison for a crime she did not commit, tensions arise once more. Master x reader lemon forced wattpad. D before it was dissolved. Word Count: 1314- The Joker x Pregnant Reader Well, it happened and that’s all there is to it. They looked over at you in The reader is a gymnastics protege with a full ride to worlds and an adoring nation behind her. “Brother Tony you said they would be-,” quickly Tony turned and covered Thor’s mouth with his hand, before nervously looking over to you and Natasha. Thor kissed your cheek; “I love you” He smiled. Warning: Usage of alcohol (grog) “Another, my good man!” you shouted, slamming your now-empty pint onto the table. A roaring chorus of ‘aaaw’ echoed in the once silent room. Thor x Reader. You walked through the halls of Midtown school of Science and Tech. Thank You - Loki X Reader (NSFW) Author’s Note: Hope you enjoy ! Some Loki smut for all you dirties. * * * * * It was a small, unmarked box outside your dorm door with a single cream note card tucked inside the lid. At the time, you weren’t so sure what to think of him. Two Years Time- Mista x Reader; Reader bumps into her seemingly lost soulmate, Mista, but she isn’t too happy to see him after all the stuff he put her through. "T-That's not true Sir. Master x reader lemon forced wattpad She wolf, Remus x Reader. “Uncle Thor,” Y/D/N smiled before hugging him. (A little of implied Loki x Grandmaster ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ). L. Hi! Love your writing can I request a Thor x soulmate!reader where they've been friends for a while but the reader knows they're soulmates and doesn't know how to tell him because she's scared he won't want her/he deserves better. 1k. Warnings: Some Bucktasha (Not sorry at all) Key: (Y/E/C) is your eye color, and as always, (Y/N) is your name. Prompt: “Reader walks in on Thor shirtless. Request: Loki’s s/o who owns horses and Guinea pigs. Something about the way the girl smelled made Bucky want to wrap her in his arms and never let go. Today was cleaning day; the one day out of the year where your house didn't look like a complete mess due to the two children that wrecked the house the other 364 days; your husband Thor and your Summary: He saw you with a stranger and he thought you were cheating. Request: Request: Thor/reader were thor trying to flirt with the reader but they are oblivious to whats going on, it not until one of the avengers shouts it out that the realise,lots of fluff xxxx good luck with the blog!!! Xx Pairing: Loki x Reader. “Thor?” I ask Pairing: Thor x Male!Reader Summary: You just hate his damn hammer. org by its members. When Eddie is fired, you take full control of the news scene. Nae Just a girl, who's written a book, gotten a published copy,has a strong southern accent at times, and is norwegian-american. Part Two. Anonymous asked: T'Challa fluff where the reader is really sick and gets all clingy and never wants him to leave and he just stays and takes care of her like the cute kitty king he is 750 notities. Before He Cheats (Reader x Tony, slight Pietro x Reader) Warnings: Ummm… unfaithful boyfriend and some smashing of cars and stuff, I guess. xreader, superhero, h Read thor x reader lemon from the story thor x reader by bella1234s with 2,963 reads. Net Adult-FanFiction. Part two here, Part three here, Part four. Fandom Avengers. org Daddy's Little Girl (Thor x Reader) Lemon scented cleaning products and bleach filled your nostrils as you took in a deep breath. It was a surprise to everyone how soft and loving Loki became when he was around Y/n. A/N: This my first piece so I would really appreciate your opinions and criticism. Short and crappy. " The poison in Loki's tone was evident, and made you want to crawl under the table and hide. You nodded and looked down shyly, you watched Thor walk out of the lab, you turned and looked at Loki who was panting heavily. lawmakers to unveil bill banning investment in firms tied to China's military: document Words: 4,647 Dean x Pregnant!Reader Warnings: I mean, like, someone is giving birth in this but it’s not super graphic… Requested by anonymous (two anons actually)! An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Rivals (revised) Loki x reader lemon - Luv4ever2121 - Wattpad. Legolas X Reader Lemon this is short but a lot of people liked it so i’m uploading it here, read at your own risk. You are a Terran and were taken from Earth the same year Peter Quill was. i. Summary: Thor thinks he has nothing left to lose, but you're still there for him. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. I don't know how you want to do it, soulmate mark maybe? I'll leave that to you if that's ok haha Thank you! x Request: Can I request a Bucky x reader shot where the reader has a solid daddy kink and she’s also Tony’s daughter? And once when the team is eating, she says ‘Daddy can you pass me the salt?’ and both guys stand up and Tony freaks out but also fluff? Please Words: 1,120 Warnings: Mentions of daddy kink Omg I have 11 days till I go see Civil War!! Ugggh I’ll probably end up dying in Odin had never approved of you, but Thor recognized your bravery when you fought against Hela, and he allowed you and Loki to marry soon after Ragnarok. Ticklish (Loki x reader) Fandom: Marvel Word count: 358 Trigger warning: None I think, just fluff. At least he didn’t try to kill you…yet. Chris-Evans-Imagines Masterlist! Heya guys! It's Cam, from Chris-Evans-Imagines! I noticed that my masterlist was getting hella long, so I made this blog in order to sort all of that out! Pairing: Peter Parker x mutant!reader. 6k. Putri puchongest b2b bandar When you lose a bet with Tony, you know you're going to be in trouble. A/N: Y'all need to go to church and repent a bit. avengers x siren!reader (Y/N) was a natural-born street racer. Bakugou x Reader Fanfiction - Duration: In the Fields – Thor Odinson; Written By: @aliedelanie. Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. Jun 27, 2015 · Pairing: Thor x Reader. Day 3 of Pride Month (because I’m a shit person who started late) Peter Parker (Tom holland) x Male!Reader . summary : Due to a 'prank' caused by Loki, Thor is turned into a girl. He finally came to bed. Unsure of what to do, she calls up her best friend Tom who quickly sorts things out. “Loki enough, Thor, I think it’s best you’d go…” You muttered softly letting out a soft sigh. Charles Xavier **You Are My Turn On (Charles Xavier x reader)** Late Night Distraction (Charles Xavier x reader) Happy Birthday Love (Charles Xavier x reader) Getting Naughty in Cerebro (Charles Stress ReliefA/N: CHAPTER 300! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?A groan fell from your lips as you trudged into your apartment, slamming the door behind you and falling backwards against it. Nov 07, 2017 · Warnings: wet thor. Currently reading: Elizabeth - Naomi Novik, 'Uprooted' Kezia - JK Rowling, 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban' Pairing: Loki x Reader, Thor x Reader. However, he’s rather needy and loves to text at 4 in the morning, begging for your (Loki X Reader ) Liar. Thor’s chance of a victory was growing slim with every passing minute. You turned to see the Angel. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Avangers, Thor, something. Jul 22, 2017 - Read England X Reader Lemon!!! from the story Hetalia X Reader LEMONS! by PenguinUniverseQueen (Minister of the Univers Stay safe and healthy. You are the Recruit, previously of S. Like maybe they were friends and Thor has a crush on reader (cause that would be super cute)” Warnings: None. Summary: Loki and Thor ask who is the most attractive. Title Possession. Thor x Reader Five Times Thor x Reader “Five times the Avengers tried to pair the reader with another Avenger and the one time they realized the pair was already dating. Kezia, Elizabeth, and Eeffa here, bringing your plot bunnies to life. Jan 14, 2015 · Into Eternity: Thor-x-Reader :bulletred: Into Eternity: Thor-x-Reader :bulletred: It was frightfully early, but being such an optimistic morning person, you were quite happily awake. RATING: M. Master List (SMUT) Avengers. 2k Warnings: Some hardcore smut, Thor's king kink, and your usual avenger banter. PART 2 You can find my masterlist here : @ella-ravenwood-archives _____ When Logan first met you, he was chasing his past. Warnings: Self-loathing, swearing. Red Room . Also, make the reader shy pls!! A/N: I won’t even pretend that this is innocent in any way. A/N: First Loki fic hope you enjoy it! Hurt to Heal (Loki x Goddess!Reader) A/n: hey peeps! Got another interesting Request that i fell in love with! Let’s imagine this taking place in Jotunheim like in Thor. Warning: Implied smut, flirting, Idk?? That’s pretty much it. Originally posted by v-writings. Wait, are you jealous? Uh, what just happened? That time of the month . Also this is long af  Requested: Can you do a Thor x reader where Thor gets angry or pissed off at her or something, ends with *cough* smut*cough* +. h. Warnings: fluuuff Characters: Reader, Loki Laufeyson, Thor Odinson, & Jane Foster Pairings: loki x reader & thor x jane Prompt: “YOU DON’T LIKE MARSHMALLOWS IN YOUR HOT CHOCOLATE? WHY DO YOU HATE LOVE” “Jane, how many marshmallows do you want in your hot chocolate?” I ask, peering around the kitchen corner. Type: Series (A/B/O Dynamics). Warnings: Smut (duh) Being an angel meant that Castiel had to learn the human emotions that came with staying in a vessel on earth for so long. Official Site. “No darling… Clint x Reader. Thor takes quick notice of what his brother desires and takes matters into his own hands. Should the Little Omega {Alpha!Castiel x Omega!Reader} Summary: Just… just smut. 7 Pairing: T’Challa x Reader Warning: MAXIMUM FLUFF, Soft!T’Challa because why the f not Word Count: 500. Pairings: Peter Quill x Reader Summary: A series that follows the plot of Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. I really loved She Was Mine First (Roger Taylor X Reader) and I hope you will write the next parts ( more than one maybe a fiction with several chapters of conflicts about who to choose between Brian and Roger ). The first time Loki saw you was the day that started it all. May 02, 2019 · Thor has always been a rather gentle giant when it came to you, you had taught him how to use a phone and text. Loki’s Claim. MASTERLIST. He was stuck there naked with a collar around his neck, a cock ring, a vibrating butt plug on high taped in, a ball gag, a pair of nipple clamps and locked into a set of shackles and manacles. Genre: Fluff Your brother, Jake, decided to pay you a surprise visit. TAGGED: #thor #Thor Odinson #thor drabble #thor fluff #thor one shot #thor oneshot #thor of asgard #thor odison imagine #thor imagine #thor x reader #thor/reader #god of thunder #asgard #fic #marvel #avengers #avengers preference #kickass thor #thor defends reader #thor x you #reader insert #asgardian #feast #dance General information: Thor Odinson x Male!Reader. 3 (AN Esme doesn’t exist, poor Esme. org or th You Tease - Bucky Barnes x Reader SMUT ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Summary/Request: Hey hey, I’m sure you already have Sexual Tension all planned out, but could you do an X Reader with the same kinda situation they’re in now but reader is sending Bucky suggestive texts throughout class and distracting him, and maybe smut after? Pairing Breaking U. I hope you like it! :3. l. (F/n) gave him a huge hug and fell sound asleep in that position faster than you could say 1, 2, 3. Word Count: 857. Originally posted by your-harry-potter-imagines. The large plank of wood was the only thing holding you up at the moment. What others are saying. The Bodyguard (Bucky x Reader) *SMUT* Part One Draco malfoy x reader (Angst) Plis do an imagine where something major happens to the reader right after they break up and draco was the one who broke it off so he realises he still wants to be with Thor X Loki X Male!Reader. Between Thor's big body and your pregnant one it's a good thing that your daughter is so small. Word counter: 912. juli 10, 2016 Awkward Dork (Peter Parker x Reader SMUT) Hi! This is inspired/ based upon @vivabucky‘s Intimate with Peter imagine thingy, I will also tag @wlntrsldler bcd she reblogged it saying she wants an imagine of it so yh here. He was pure perfection. Loki cried out in pain but saw you looking at you worried. Originally posted by 25bees. 1 May 2019 af·ter·glow - 1 Thor x Female Reader Modern AUSynopsis: Thor - the Warnings for the series: Best friends to lovers troupe, smut, sexual  16 Aug 2018 But in the meantime, if you have any requests you'd like me to fill, feel free to message me! thor x reader thor x reader smut marvel x reader thor  30 Jan 2018 Thor x Omega!Reader. MASTERLIST A/B/O Dynamics Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader Simple Summary - Out of all the new coming Omegas, will he choose you? Gif Source Warnings - crappy writing, swearing, mentions of sex, flirting. You were supposed to meet a guy from school for dinner over an hour ago and he had only just text you to say that he couldn’t make it! Eddie Brock x Reader (Friendly Competition) Summary: Eddie and you have been working for competing news firms for years. Pairing: Thor Odinson (Avengers) x Reader. Sorry it took so long, by the way. Archive; RSS; My Words. Fanfic Central 460 views. Please try again later. 1. Eddie Brock x Reader (Friendly Competition) Summary: Eddie and you have been working for competing news firms for years. " One of the chubby, grey haired men stuttered. The Reader receives a naughty gift from Professor Hiddleston, one that he expects her to wear to class the next day. You felt it almost an obligation to be an agent. Request: “Spoiler free request: reader x Thor just being cute. You know Loki is in the room, though you can’t see him through the blindfold covering your eyes. ————————————— You’d been informed of the brothers arrival, they would turn up around midnight your time, you’d taken resident in Stark Tower, who Originally posted by mintpilot. Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader - Possession. Word count: 2,039 words. Steve sat next to him, rolling his eyes as he drank a protein That “reader” suffered a lot. ” I nod my head and I plop them into her mug. “I-I’m sorry, I just…” you paused, not entirely sure what to say. (Anonymous asked- If you’re still accepting prompts/requests - how about Bucky/Reader where he tries spanking the reader and the reader just isn’t into it and they find other Thor nodded curtly and uncrossed his arms, saying, “Good. Arm Wrestling (Thor x Asgardian!Reader) Summary: You are in an Asgardian tavern arm-wrestling other opponents. Warnings: none. Dec 11, 2014 · Peter Parker X Reader (With Avengers) Can you please do one where Peter Parker and y/n like each other a lot and it’s obvious and the whole one shot is just the avengers trying to get them together Y/N’s POV I walked into the large ballroom and snatched up a flute of champagne from one of the waiters checking me out. I need me some Chubby! Thor x Reader smut. org or the AFF forum take no responsibility for the works posted to the Adult-FanFiction. You are reigning champion– or at least, until Thor enters. Chris Hemsworth Frustration A place for fans, by fan, to share their frustrations of any kind. He found you in one of the labs where they made people like him. Pairings: Alpha!Thor x Omega!Reader. thor marvel sister Steve Rogers Avengers marvel cinematic universe Loki Laufeyson Thor Odinson avengers imagine Avengers infinity war thor x sister reader sister reader loki x sister reader loki laufeyson x sister!reader x thor odinson steve rogers x reader reunion pt. “Liar!” the sound of your voice boomed through the halls of Asgard, the rage in it able to scare even Odin. T__TRead part 2 Aug 18, 2014 · Reader Gender: Female. You looked around in confusion until Thor came over to you. Killing machines. A Thunderous Arrangement Anon Request: hello can I request one with Thor where reader and him were arranged to marry each other but Thor never really treated her as a wife but one day he sees someone flirt with her and get super jealous? thanks anyway. Words: 1879 Warnings: smut The hot water was soothing, embracing your body and calming your tense muscles. Mustache Ride. Part Three. _____ Time Of The Season (Tony x Reader) Relax. When she gets a new coach, she gets assigned Coach Tucker, who not only trains her like hell, but also finds the small details about her absolutely addictive. Request: You ketchup hater, please write me a spidey one will ya?(via @bellamyblakesgun). This was actually really fun to write. Warnings: non-descriptive smut at the beginning, some   Sex pollen - Thor x reader (smut). Notes: none Originally posted by my-avengers-imagines After a year you were finally back in New York. “Jane and I are friends… don’t get me wrong, you have no idea how much I want to do this… but she’s…” Thor’s finger gingerly ran across your lips, silencing your senseless rambling. My cover as an heiress was still intact from a previous op I had from S. Summary: Thor has no patience when he’s horny. I love her to bits. d. Word Count: 1,724 Pairing: Thor Odinson x Insecure!Reader. You had spent the last year studying in Madrid to improve your Spanish. since you were a little kid. “Where is he?” You asked him. Marvel imagines — Thank You - Thor Odinson. Word Count: 3135 (got a bit carried away… oops) Warnings: Self-hate, fluffy Thor. Word count: 3. hiiii! i love your writing and i was wondering if you could write a loki x reader x thor one shot. Warnings: just smut :) I See Fire “What a jerk!” You thought to yourself as you as you stormed down the street. Summary: The war between Asgard and Vanaheim had not plagued the realms for many years. To please just be quiet and watch the movie but he can’t, because you haven’t said a word since the movie started. Requested by: @ twinkiecal - Can you please write a Thor Imagine with major fluff because there aren’t many Thor imagines out there Oct 22, 2017 · Get Some ( Peter Parker X Reader ) SMUT Smut ahead. Jun 1, 2015. Thor offers him shelter, but the headstrong Loki only accepts the barest help from him. But she finds that to be a lot easier said than done when the team’s strongest Alpha pays a visit. lokicolouredglasses:. D so slipping in was not a problem. On Archive of Our Own (AO3), users can make profiles, create works and other Content, post comments, give Kudos, create Collections and Bookmarks,  7 Jul 2018 pairing: genderbent!thor x reader; established relationship. Love & affection . AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Mindless Smut, sex toys, Hiddleston reading poetry by ee cummings. Peter Parker, most popular guy in the school. Just when he leaves to film Thor: The Dark World, Reader discovers something interesting. Warnings: cringey cheesiness also it sucks. Part Four. It was Valentines, and you hadn't really wanted to do anything except curl up and read Bucky's latest letter to you. Part One. Warnings: Smut (NSFW)  4 May 2018 Pairing: Thor x fem!reader, also asgardian!reader. Warnings: harassment, swearing, slight angst, talk of sex. - AU where a red string The imagine was: Imagine gettin drunk with steve and bucky (steve can't really get get drunk so it's more you and bucky) Like an bucky x reader with fluff and Smut an whatever you want :) and steve would be like 0: "Finally they found Out THAT they are Crazy about each other" It would be amazing Great awsome EVERYTHING! There is a story that once a man got chained to a fire hydrant. The Adult-FanFiction. jealous • (charles xavier x reader) summary; charles doesn’t appreciate your lewd thoughts. Pairing Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader. • 69: “You’re Shy Magic - LokixReader. thor and the reader are already a couple but loki starts to seduce the reader. You walked inside to see the group that Thor mentions all the time. e. image. he deserves better. Bucky was too busy being distracted- as Y/N had arrived, the mesmerising smell he had caught earlier had returned. “He seems better now,” Thor mumbled, pouring his coffee, while you laughed at your boyfriend’s jealous nature. ” Warnings: Fighting between Thor and Hulk. MASTER LIST / REQUEST. I got bored waiting for him so I had opened YouTube on my phone and started watching random videos. I tried to make my mind as dirty as ever. Warnings: Non . peter parker peter parker x reader stark!reader stark!daughter tony stark pepper potts slight smut avengers imagine marvel imagine peter parker x you Peter parker reader insert requested 148 notes Open in app Fanfic Safe Haven — The Rider’s Guardian (3/5) - Robbie Reyes x Reader. Loki Odinson x Pregnant!Reader: It’s a Baby! Description: An anon requested A LONG TIME AGO for a bunch of pregnancy scenarios with Loki! I was in a bit of a block, but now here I am! Pairing: Thor x Reader. 5M ratings Thor (All Types) fanfiction fanfic Loki Lokireader AO3 loki fanfic Marvel fiction read. , thor takes a visit to Asgard to solve so business regarding Loki he forgets that time is much slower in Asgard and thinks he’s only been away for 4 weeks Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader x Alpha!Steve Summary: With your pup soon to be born you can’t help but thank god you have the two best Alpha’s by your side. thor x reader lemon

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